Sunday, August 23, 2015

Friday, July 8, 2011

Wonder woman

Occasionally Wonder Woman turns up around these parts. This day was the day ...

She was a right whirling dervish in our kitchen.
muffins - all gone
apple cake
lasagne - bigger than Ben Hur
bacon and egg pie - looked so good we ate it so a second pie had to be made the next morn
individual bacon and egg pies sans egg - for fussy Senior Lad

Why, do I hear you ask? Why, in preparation of course.

We are off to Hanmer Springs, to walk and soak and eat and drink and laugh and connect with very dear friends and their beloveds.

You can be assured all food will be consumed, (so will all wine if I am not mistaken) and a heap of fun will be had.

These coming days are about long drives, picnics, long walks, hot pools, friends and family. My favourite kind.

(And there might even be snow. Woohoo!)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This day was all about making.

Making pasta and feijoa cake and hospitality and kindness and friendship.

Oh we have missed each other during exam mayhem - well actually during two and a half years of over work.
We have had such fun reconnecting, this very dear friend and I.
 Coffee, movies, swims, walks, yoga, talk talk talk, making and baking and cooking and laughing. And just feeling warm and safe and treasured and beloved.

Thanks a million-fold for your patience and kindness and support over such a long haul BFF.

Monday, June 27, 2011


This day (Saturday last week) was ALL about celebrating.

Yes, exams were over but we had a much better reason to celebrate.

These two are off on an awesome adventure.

Junior Lad wrote the best 100 words and so he and Himself were the Chosen Ones. In October they head off together. In Leaps & Bounds to Outward Bound for a hang of a good time - in the outdoors, "the ultimate bonding spot".

We went out to celebrate, Junior Lad chose the venue of course. He sure knows how to have a good time. I love that about him! Japanese food from Sachi, or should I say Japanese work of art for dinner.

Proud Proud Proud.

Friday, June 17, 2011

This day ...

This day is about unexpected bounty.

spring bulbs

 I didn't expect more spring bulbs to pick before I could leave my study cave - and yet here is a wee surprise, just for me and just in time.

The apples are not so unexpected but the shift in perspective that made me notice and act are unexpected.

Picking flowers and apples is a lovely thing to do on the morning of exam eve. Lovely and unexpected.

Still going good thanks.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This day ...

This day is all about showing up.

Which I did - to my exam. It went well thank you very much.

My intention was to photograph the venue but in my nervous anticipation I decided to take the photograph after the exam and in my delight and relief afterwards I plumb forgot.

There you go. You get that in the big jobs.

So. Here I am. Showing up. Even if I don't have a photograph to share today.

May I just explain that the theme of "This day" is horribly self-centred just now due to exams - not due to any form of narcissism. Just wanted you to know.

Back to the books for a few days. These coming days will once again be all about cramming. I'll pop in here again if something really outstanding turns up. Otherwise you know I'm in the study and I'm on the countdown.

Thanks for being here when I finally escape back to the whole real world.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This day ...

This day is all about taking a step back.

Getting ready for an exam tomorrow means lightening the workload, sleeping late, eating eggs and drinking coffee outside in the nearly-Winter sunshine.

Going good thanks, thinking me and the Treaty of Waitangi have a pretty good understanding of each other. Time will tell!